John Vesty

I trained initially as an actor in 1970 and pursued that path for several years. Since then I have painted display mannequins, restored pictures for a London gallery, and spent several years as interior muralist before moving to East Anglia around the millenium motivated by a love of landscape painting 'en plein air'. Ironically since Norfolk I have reverted to painting still-life in the studio.

Three years ago after moving to my present 'ruin' in central France I developed an interest in exploring life's contrasts such as those between monochrome and colour, the real and the illusory etc. Partly informed by retinal observation and partly conceptual employing incongruity, humour and sometimes inanimate objects as stand-ins to highlight aspects of human behaviour and emotions, I aim to create works which aspire to elicit a stilling hiatus or a smile of recognition in the daily grind of human existence.