Blog - 2015

Web Log No 1 - 15 Oct 2015

Welcome to my new website... il est arrivé at last... the old one had grown so tired of languishing in the shadows of neglect, something had to be done. Several years ago brave attempts were made by my sons, to whom I am indebted, to create something looking at least post 20th century, but largely due to my procrastination it was never to see the light of day, its only purpose it seems was to become the subject for both my sons’ A Level I.T. projects.

This is my first ever blog so forgive me if in my neophyte clumsiness I break any sacred protocols... I’ll keep it short. I think there is an awful lot of tosh spoken about painting so I shall do my best to refrain from adding to what is essentially visual and should not become a subject for theoretical rantings; the only artist from whom I have derived real delight and inspiration while reading him on the subject of his own work was Paul Cezanne... apart from my having also painted, albeit badly, Montagne Saint-Victoire, all similarity between us ends alas.

For those who may not know I now live in deepest France in an 19th century badly neglected farmhouse with two very dilapidated barns, the larger of which I would love to have as a studio but the constraints of time and money in its repair thwart that ambition. At present I spend much of the day painting in my current loft studio, provided the temperature remains above 10°C, Otherwise reluctantly, I am compelled to engage in more physical work, so from late Autumn onwards I labour to make the house more habitable by insulating cavities, building walls, re-pointing, re-boarding floors and replacing joists, girders, beams etc. For those of you who are unsure of the difference between a joist and a girder I find it easier just to remember that Joist wrote Ulysses and Girder wrote Faust. More anon... May the farce be with you!